5 September 2013

Antwerp Fashion Festival

Schrijf in de agenda: Antwerpse Fashion Festival. Op vrijdag 13 en zaterdag 14 september is het 1 grote modeboel.
Wat is er te doen? Wat is er niet te doen: van het aankleden van modellen tot het laten aankleden van jezelf door een stylist. Het bekijken van Modefilms, een heuze bloggersale etc.etc.

De 'CelebrateFashion' flyers zijn te verkrijgbaar in alle meewerkende winkels.

Helaas zal ik niet aanwezig zijn op de bloggersale, maar ik ben z├ęker aanwezig deze twee dagen!!!

2 September 2013


This week has been another hectic week! As you might know, I am a full-time intern at a fashion agency. This means I have to work my you know what off. But you know what? Time flies. All of a sudden it's half past seven and I can go home again.

I have weekends off, luckily. Unfortunately for some reason there isn't a day in the week were all the stores are open till late in the evening. This means I can only go shopping on Saturdays. I know there are some stores that are open on Sunday as well, but not all. Which is very strange to me, since Antwerp is seriously touristy.

To everyone who wants to go hardcore shopping: visit Antwerp. I have been to a couple of big cities, like London, Berlin, NYC, LA but I must admit Antwerp is kinda cute and has lots of small cute stores. To be honest, the cheap thrift shopping aka vintage shopping isn't all that. But I found a few stores that aren't overpriced!

I went shopping last Saturday but haven't bought anything. That's mainly because I've bought some amazing things online. I cannot show it to you right now, but expect pictures next week and the week after that.


26 August 2013

1st Anniversary


Today is the very first anniversary of my Etsy!! And to celebrate that, I re-opened my old blog and started a new one!! Of course there will be a discount code, or even another one of my famous 'Crazy Days on LeannsVintage', but that won't be right now. It will be happening when you won't expect it.

Please read the about me to know what's LeannsVintage is all about.

My blog will celebrate fashion: inspiring pictures, high-end and streetstyle, young designers and of course you: fashionblogger

For now I want to say thank you for visiting my blog!