2 September 2013


This week has been another hectic week! As you might know, I am a full-time intern at a fashion agency. This means I have to work my you know what off. But you know what? Time flies. All of a sudden it's half past seven and I can go home again.

I have weekends off, luckily. Unfortunately for some reason there isn't a day in the week were all the stores are open till late in the evening. This means I can only go shopping on Saturdays. I know there are some stores that are open on Sunday as well, but not all. Which is very strange to me, since Antwerp is seriously touristy.

To everyone who wants to go hardcore shopping: visit Antwerp. I have been to a couple of big cities, like London, Berlin, NYC, LA but I must admit Antwerp is kinda cute and has lots of small cute stores. To be honest, the cheap thrift shopping aka vintage shopping isn't all that. But I found a few stores that aren't overpriced!

I went shopping last Saturday but haven't bought anything. That's mainly because I've bought some amazing things online. I cannot show it to you right now, but expect pictures next week and the week after that.



Eline said...

Je mag je tweedehands adresjes eens delen hoor! Buiten T2 heb ik nog geen leuke & goedkope winkeltjes gevonden. In een zijstraat van de groenplaats zit er een hele leuke, waar ze ook geweldige muziek draaien, maar zo duur!

FabiƩnne said...

lovely post!! :) great blog as always!!