About Me

The very first vintage designer item I bought was from Givenchy (jewellery). The first cloth was a pair of crazy jeans from Versace.
Funny thing: I never wore the Versace trousers. I just needed to have it, because I loved it so much. But it wasn't my style anymore.

I bought a lot of items and I never wore them. I started to collect them. I was in the need to share them with people who would actually wear it. Because these amazing vintage items need attention. That's why I started LeannsVintage on Etsy

I started this blog because I wanted to get in contact with fashionista's, bloggers who inspire the whole fashion scene. I also wanted to share inspiring photos, young designers, fashion/textile knowledge and of course designer vintage items. I am also planning on giving fellow etsians a shoutout.

I am studying textile (specialisation Fashion), currently: internship at a fashionagency in Antwerp Belgium, going to a Chinese textile University in February.

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